Self-powered system makes smart windows smarter


Smart windows equipped with controllable glazing can augment lighting, cooling and heating systems by varying their tint, saving up to 40 percent in an average building’s energy costs.

These smart windows require power for operation, so they are relatively complicated to install in existing buildings. But by applying a new solar cell technology, researchers at Princeton University have developed a different type of smart window: a self-powered version that promises to be inexpensive and easy to apply to existing windows. This system features solar cells that selectively absorb near-ultraviolet (near-UV) light, so the new windows are completely self-powered.

“Sunlight is a mixture of electromagnetic radiation made up of near-UV rays, visible light, and infrared energy, or heat,” said Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo, director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, and the Theodora D. ’78 and William H. Walton III ’74 Professor in Engineering. “We wanted the smart window to dynamically control the amount of natural light and heat that can come inside, saving on energy cost and making the space more comfortable.”

The smart window controls the transmission of visible light and infrared heat into the building, while the new type of solar cell uses near-UV light to power the system (for example: GOAL ZERO NOMAD 20 )

“This new technology is actually smart management of the entire spectrum of sunlight,” said Loo, who is a professor of chemical and biological engineering. Loo is one of the authors of a paper, published June 30, that describes this technology, which was developed in her lab.

Because near-UV light is invisible to the human eye, the researchers set out to harness it for the electrical energy needed to activate the tinting technology.

“Using near-UV light to power these windows means that the solar cells can be transparent and occupy the same footprint of the window without competing for the same spectral range or imposing aesthetic and design constraints,” Loo added. “Typical solar cells made of silicon are black because they absorb all visible light and some infrared heat — so those would be unsuitable for this application.”

In the paper published in Nature Energy, the researchers described how they used organic semiconductors — contorted hexabenzocoronene (cHBC) derivatives — for constructing the solar cells. The researchers chose the material because its chemical structure could be modified to absorb a narrow range of wavelengths — in this case, near-UV light. To construct the solar cell, the semiconductor molecules are deposited as thin films on glass with the same production methods used by organic light-emitting diode manufacturers. When the solar cell is operational, sunlight excites the cHBC semiconductors to produce electricity.

At the same time, the researchers constructed a smart window consisting of electrochromic polymers, which control the tint, and can be operated solely using power produced by the solar cell. When near-UV light from the sun generates an electrical charge in the solar cell, the charge triggers a reaction in the electrochromic window, causing it to change from clear to dark blue. When darkened, the window can block more than 80 percent of light.

Nicholas Davy, a doctoral student in the chemical and biological engineering department and the paper’s lead author, said other researchers have already developed transparent solar cells, but those target infrared energy. However, infrared energy carries heat, so using it to generate electricity can conflict with a smart window’s function of controlling the flow of heat in or out of a building. Transparent near-UV solar cells, on the other hand, don’t generate as much power as the infrared version, but don’t impede the transmission of infrared radiation, so they complement the smart window’s task.

Davy said that the Princeton team’s aim is to create a flexible version of the solar-powered smart window system that can be applied to existing windows via lamination.

“Someone in their house or apartment could take these wireless smart window laminates — which could have a sticky backing that is peeled off — and install them on the interior of their windows,” said Davy. “Then you could control the sunlight passing into your home using an app on your phone, thereby instantly improving energy efficiency, comfort, and privacy.”

Joseph Berry, senior research scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, who studies solar cells but was not involved in the research, said the research project is interesting because the device scales well and targets a specific part of the solar spectrum.

“Integrating the solar cells into the smart windows makes them more attractive for retrofits and you don’t have to deal with wiring power,” said Berry. “And the voltage performance is quite good. The voltage they have been able to produce can drive electronic devices directly, which is technologically quite interesting.”

Davy and Loo have started a new company, called Andluca Technologies, based on the technology described in the paper, and are already exploring other applications for the transparent solar cells. They explained that the near-UV solar cell technology can also power internet-of-things sensors and other low-power consumer products.

“It does not generate enough power for a car, but it can provide auxiliary power for smaller devices, for example, a fan to cool the car while it’s parked in the hot sun,” Loo said.


Use Check Binders to Organize All Financial Transactions

Can the records of financial transactions from your business be best described as “frequently cluttered?” If you frequently fill out for third-party sellers and do your own payroll but possess a haphazard method of storing everything, perhaps you ought to consider binders. Although a simple idea, these novels for business are leather or plastic publications designed like a three-ring student binder. Indoors, sheets of three-to-a-page manual business can be put. Typically, such tests have a slide and a, and this binder is large enough to accommodate these sheets, in addition to other documents for keeping track of every trade.

Many businesses are expected to keep at least two to three decades of documents for fiscal transactions. As these should be print in addition to online, such records should have a list of all trades. If some of your documents are online only and you have some check duplicates stashed away in a box, then you ought to begin keeping all records set up using a binder. Typically, most assess binders keep inside, attached to the rings. This way, on a basic level, you have a written listing of all trades done, to whom the tests were created, and if they happened. binders might be outfitted with additional capabilities. If, for example, you visually want to observe every test written, carbon paper or a similar transport sheet may be behind the sheets of business After the test is written and torn out, you are still going to have a picture of it. Additionally, various binders offer you a listing feature, in which, similar to a normal, you can record each transaction in order to get all info on a webpage.

When it comes to organizing your financial trades, assess binders provide multiple options. While keeping all records in 1 spot, these books keep, can provide visual records of all tests, and allow you to record in record form all trades and when they happened.

Grab Potential Customers’ Attention With a Sidewalk Swinger Sign

Summer is right around the corner and people are going to be out and about looking for the hottest bargains. Do you have them? If that’s the case, you need to advertise those hot deals outside on a pavement swinger sign. The pavement sidewalk repair Manhattan commands attention with its sleek, modern design. Put your message with this sign and you are sure to get a flood of visitors coming in your store. The changeable message board on this sign permits you to make a new message when you desire.

DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan

Have a brand new unique every day if you like. All you’ve got to do is change around a couple of things on your sign and bada bing bada boom. You have a brand new special being advertised. Folks love a great thing. When they visit one very few can resist stopping.

The DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan swinger signal can manage just about anything. So come rain or snow, this hint can weather the conditions. It’s rustproof sidewalk repair Manhattan NY with inner steel supports make it lasting and secure in just about all weather conditions. The Manhattan sidewalk repair swinger sign is 2-sided and comes with over 300 4″ letters to help you get your message across to your potential clients.

If you truly need to ramp up your earnings put sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York sign before your business. sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan signals are affordable yet quite effective. You can get one for less than $200 and you will continue to have the ability to use it years from today. No other type of advertising will do for your business what a pavement sign will.

Generating a Pay Stub Easily

Lots of the business owners write directly by their small business account to pay their employees. Now, it is no more into practice as the business owners have come to know the anxiety of issuing directly from their small business account. Some owners even create a separate account for this purpose in a goal to decrease the total amount of work needed in calculating the employee’s taxes. Despite so much effort taken from the component of the employer, workers need an evidence of the amount of income earned by these along with the tax deductions in written form. This comes to the necessity of To meet this need of the worker, an employer needs suitable software to create the ideal for the employees.


This query might come to mind those employees who for so many years were happy with hand written tests now suddenly turned around and demanding from their companies and that also should be specific and complete. The main reason is that the workers ought to be sure that the true amount of income earned by these and a number of tax deductions. Actually, besides the societal, national, state, insurance and healthcare taxes, there are plenty other deductions being made from one’s gross earnings. Employees need to keep track of all of this deducted amount from their payment and so the need of a cover slip is increasing. It is making easier for the worker to calculate what their wages should really be and what they are receiving.

The way to make a perfect for his or her business?

As it is a vital issue for the workers, it becomes necessary to produce an ideal for them. This depends mostly on the software brand that is being used for creating the cover slip. There are plenty of websites available that provide a free template of a cover slip which could be accessed at no cost or for a minimal fee. You can consult with those sample cover slips provided on a net to produce your own pay slip which best suits your The one thing you must be sure that the chosen template should be compatible with all the applications being used in the company. Choosing the right template for your company will ease pressure out of the accounts department and will make it much easier for them to deal with any kind of difficulty arising from workers pay role process. The more harmonious the template is with the software, easily is going to be the task done.

Finishing Sidewalk Repair


You get a few minutes break here. Have your favorite beverage and relax a bit. The DOT sidewalk violation Bronx concrete will take a little while to start to set up but keep your eye on it. Touch it with your finger just like a cake. If it feels somewhat solid, now is the time to place the preliminary advantage on it. Employing the edge with a rolled lip, then run it along the sidewalk repair Bronx NY of your walk way. This will produce a smooth sealed edge. You will need to pickup the edge many times and re-start. Just copy a few inches and then moving ahead to take out the lip left when you picked the edge up. This will take some time so don’t allow the Bronx sidewalk repair “eliminate” (harden) on you.

Sidewalk Repair Contractor Bronx

After you’ve completed an area, a 2nd person can begin placing the v-grooves every 4 or 5 ft (less if you enjoy the look). Using the edge, just push the edge throughout the width of the walkway with enough pressure that either sidewalk repair contractors in Bronx New York of this edger sits firmly on the concrete. This will leave a neat v-groove from the walk. You’ll get the hang of the very quickly. Do not worry for now about the little lip of concrete left on all sidewalk repair contractor Bronx of the new groove and edges you made. Now using your broom, really gently draw it across the width of the walk way being cautious to not draw it across the v-grooves, however, do some rather close to them and the border of the walk. Read that sentence again. You can ruin the whole appearance of the walk if you mess this up. Be gentle but firm enough to leave broom lines in the concrete and wash away the small lips of sidewalk repair contractor Bronx you left behind when trimming. The broom lines can be as heavy or as light as you would like. This will leave a non-slip surface. Always broom throughout the route of the visitors, never with it. The trick here is to not to let the sidewalk repair contractor Bronx harden before you are finished. Begin with a SMALL project and work your way up. Following your initial pour, you may know some of the tricks and much better able to judge just how fast concrete sets up.

Keep some plastic or tarps handy just in case you receive a surprise downpour. You’re able to quickly throw plastic over the pour and then save it. If the rain washes out the upper layer of concrete, the walk will be ruined.

It’s very strongly advised that you don’t leave a smooth or hard trowel finish on any external walk. It will get very slippery when wet. A broom finished sidewalk repair Bronx is exactly what you normally see. There are colored aggregates which can be sprinkled over a walk in order to add color and a non-slip surface in precisely the exact same moment.

Understanding Pay Stubs

Together with the technological advancements in digital employee management software a number of businesses have migrated to instead of mailing or handing out paper They may email notification to every worker or possess a secure log on set up for every employee to register and see their at their own time.

The digital capabilities benefit companies and employees for a number of factors. Firms save money on newspaper and mailing expenses, the software stream lines payroll, benefits, and reimbursement procedures reducing a chance of malfunction, and it keeps information concentrated for easy research or editing. On the other hand, it reduces the amount of paperwork and mail that workers receive, it gives them the capability of accessing their pay check at any online place, and it makes exploring or collecting payroll information much easier.

Since digital employee management applications have made it easier to obtain and view, it gives us all the more reason to be sure we know what we’re looking at. Important fiscal, tax and benefits information that we should all listen to is listed. layouts vary from company to company but they will all include the following…

Personal Information – This includes the business name, employee name, address, and also maybe the employee social security number.

Important Dates – Dates listed will incorporate the pay period start and finish date, and the date of the check or issuance. Some sections also include a Year-to-date column to show how much you were paid, how much was withheld, or how much was deducted so far that year.

Taxable Earnings – This is the total amount of income that’s earned for the specific pay period.

Web Pay – This is the amount of income received for “take home” following all essential withholdings. This will match the sum of your physical paycheck or direct deposit pay.

Federal Tax – This is an income tax withholding which each and every employee pays. The percentage withheld depends on the amount of income you make along with the information you recorded on your W-4.

Condition Tax – The state income tax withholding isn’t mandatory for everybody. It depends on what state you live in and their taxation laws. Additionally, it is a percentage based on what you make.

Social Security – This is the US system of supplemental retirement cash. Every employee contributes the same percentage of the gross income. Employers contribute a matching percentage also.

Medicare – This is the US government insurance program. It provides medical advantages to the disabled and retired employees over 65 years old. All workers and employers pay a matching percentage of gross earnings.

Other information that could be listed on your cover comprises…

Insurance Medical, dental, or life insurance deductions are recorded on your They generally demonstrate the amount which you paid and the amount that your employer paid for you.

Retirement Savings Plan – If you participate in a 401K or other form of retirement savings where the funds are deducted from your cover, this information is usually included. The percent is of your pre-tax income.

Health Savings Account – If you take part in a medical expense account where deductions have been taken from your pay, this will show on your as a pre-tax percent.

Concrete Placing- Sidewalk Repair


OK, we are using wood forms with this walk. Layout your 2×4’s along the walk and drop stakes every few feet. Your 2x4s will soon be installed end to end so a stake is required at each joint. Beginning on one side, install your 2×4’s utilizing enough bets to firmly hold them in place. They must be right and plumb. Nail the 2×4″s to each bet but don’t drive the heads all the way in. You have to remove these stakes later and it’s a lot easier to get a hold of the nail head in case it sticking out a little. In case you have curves on your walk and also are using 1/4″ substance to form you will, of course, need to use many more stakes. Just make sure the form is not going to move when you set the sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York from it.

Now cut a piece of scrap 1×2 the width of your walk. (3′ in this instance). Using this as a guide, install the opposite side of your formwork. It’ll save you needing to measure over and over again and speeds up the work.

sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan new york


Ok, now we’re ready to go. Assess your list. Are types all nailed? Not raining? Loads of help? Got all the tools you need?

And most important did you purchase the sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan? Most companies need at least two days notice for homeowners to order. Commercial accounts come first because of their large volume of requests. BE READY! Remember the truck clock starts when he gets there, not when you get started massaging. Using your garden hose, even if the ground is very dry, slightly dampen it. This can help prevent premature drying of the cement from the floor sucking the water from the sidewalk repair Manhattan NY before you get finished. Beginning in the end the farthest from the truck (you’ll see why later) start placing the Manhattan sidewalk repair in the forms. One person must, using his trowel, push the sidewalk repair Manhattan into position and do a preliminary leveling over the forms. After placing a few feet of concrete, with a 2×4 for a screed, he could then level the whole width of the walk by slipping the 2×4 back forth over the top of the forms. You need one individual leveling concrete with a shovel, 2nd person using 2×4 for a screed to level DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan concrete flush with the tops of strains and an additional flip side to wheel sidewalk repair Manhattan, manage the chute, etc..

If a very low spot in the sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York grows, just use the trowel to pickup some moist concrete and toss it in. Proceed and re-screed over this area. If an excessive amount of sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York develops in the front of the screed only push or pull it in the area without Manhattan sidewalk repair. You will quickly get the hang of it. The people helping can watch as they pour the concrete from their wheelbarrows to make sure they don’t overwhelm you. If you operate slow and steady it moves pretty fast. OK, we finally have the entire form full of sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York. Place a tiny bit extra in 1 wheelbarrow and let the truck go. Now you need somewhere for the vehicle to wash out his chutes and you will need to clean your gear and wheelbarrows. Concrete stains and gets HARD! Put it somewhere that is easily cleaned later. Do not leave piles of concrete which can’t be moved.

Tools Required To Repair Sidewalk

Concrete sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York may vary in shapes, colors and be shaped into any shape you can imagine. Before starting with this endeavor, look around at other houses and businesses to find out what can be done but do not be limited by what you find. Use your creativity. Colored concrete is available now from most Redi-mix providers and concrete color stains are also another method to obtain a gorgeous finished product. You will find “cast-on” products out there which can offer a non-slip surface, a super tough surface as well as anti-spalling compounds that help keep the sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan from chipping due to the usage of chilly salt. Much redi-mix concrete dries in some shade of beige color depending on the color of the sand and Portland cement utilized. Consult your supplier where he has poured his merchandise and check out it. This will provide you an idea of exactly what the “aged” merchandise will look like later. Once you have determined what color concrete you are going to use, decide what strength concrete you need. I suggest the use of 3000# advantage concrete for all sidewalk repair Manhattan NY except very heavy usage or vehicle traffic. If vehicles will be crossing the sidewalk repair Manhattan, use 4000# or 5000#. It’ll cost a couple of bucks more a yard but will persist for a great deal longer.

sidewalk repair Manhattan ny


Hammer, sled, rope line, and level using straps. 4′ hand flat, pointed and flat shovels, wood 2×4 to get screeding (leveling) of the concrete, bolt cutters, safety glasses, work gloves, fine broom and 2 edgers termed DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan edgers and v-groove styles. A metal pavement edge finishing instrument, a V-groove tool for center joints along with a steel trowel are a must. Most masons prefer to use a magnesium float to put the initial finish in their walks prior to applying the last broom finish.


Concrete is arranged by the cubic yard. It’s fairly simple to find out how many yards you will need for your job using the following formula: Length x Width x Height (depth) divided by 27 =? Cubic yards. So it’s either 1 or 2 1.5 yards. All Redi-mix companies charge what they call a short load fee for whatever under 6 yards. So there are options here to be made. Is there anything else that requires concrete? Make the walk a bit wider? Add a patio space? Request the Redi-mix company what the fee is for 1.5 or 2 yards. The price could be the exact same anyway. While we here, I wish to spend a moment talking becoming the concrete to your website. Trucks are heavy. Really heavy. If your Manhattan sidewalk repair or patio is in the back yard, either the truck has to have the ability to access it or you will need to wheel it in wheelbarrows. Wheeling 1 yard is not bad, wheeling 5 or 6 yards is a brute. You will need loads of assistance and good wheelbarrows. Redi-mix companies also charge additional for any time spent over 1 hour on site. In case you decide to take the truck to the back yard, be prepared for lawn damage. Concrete companies are not responsible for damage to your property if you lead them to push over the lawn. Worse yet is when they pass over the septic system, buried pipes, etc. and harm them. BE sure that there is nothing under that can p ruined. Do not guess!

How do you rank key words?

1.) How do you rank key words? If NY SEO services simply optimizes for all those keywords are shipped to them from the customer, the SEO services NYC begins off on really shaky ground. Keyword analysis should be performed that takes into consideration the number of searches from all the big search engines and also the comparative competition for those terms. The site should also be compared to the keywords to see whether they support each other.

ny seo services

2.) Do you plan on building pages out specifically to house keywords? Landing pages and doorway pages are not successfully long term SEO services New York. Search engine optimization companies like them since they don’t need to touch the rest of the site and it’s quite easy to just add band aids instead of performing surgery.

3.) Will my search engine optimization campaign also help improve the consumer experience of the site? Proper architecture and usability go hand in hand with affordable local SEO services and aids increase ROI. You should wish to bring in new traffic and convert it.

4.) Does my revenue model affect my keyword choice and the optimization for a whole? Any local SEO agencies that doesn’t optimize based on the target audience is NOT providing the very best campaign. An e-commerce site marketing to relative shoppers may wish to optimize greatly for product names and model numbers. An internet magazine wanting to bring in recurring traffic will want to optimize for post topics and specific topics. A local business might want to optimize for geo-targeted keywords.

5.) I wish to optimize my website, but do not wish to change any of the present content or design…how do you go about it? Any best local SEO services that says they’ll just add on landing pages or conceals text is promoting black hat. This goes straight back to the preceding analogy. You are really saying that you have a car which you want to modify to be very fast, but don’t want to change the motor and the mechanic only adds racking stripes and fees your full cost.

Thank you for reading TreeHouse SEM [] articles. If you want to know more about any of these topics, feel free to contact us.

About the Writer: Steve comes from a rich Web background where he has worked on the design, development, and marketing elements of hundreds of internet sites. Previously from Mississippi where he attended Ole Miss, Steve transferred to San Diego to pursue further challenges in the Web advertising arena.

To compete in the fast growing market of SEM, Treehouse immediately set itself apart by placing Chief Technology Officer DeVries at the helm, who is among the most coveted experts in the business now. DeVries was previously a lead technical advisor at a competing local firm, achieving top rankings for major customers such as Entrepreneur,, Viacom, Workopolis, and Ziff Davis Media. DeVries’ expertise has brought him much industry focus and put him in high demand as a speaker at industry events by people looking to pick his mind.

Amazon Fire Stick: A Lot Less Money for a Little Less Speed

The Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken with Kodi is your deal version of Amazon’s super-fast voice search-enabled Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken. The HDMI version surely sacrifices a whole lot of things that make Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken for sale great, but is that bargain worth it? Absolutely.

First of all, what’s Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi and how will be the Amazon Fire Stick Kodi distinct? Released back in April, Amazon Fire Stick hack is Amazon’s slick streaming box. It has 2GB of memory and a quad-core chip which make it lightning-fast to search for things you would like to watch within Mundo Amazon or in other video apps like Netflix or Showtime. It includes voice hunt that–gasp! –really works reliably. The only downside? It costs 100 bucks.

amazon fire stick for sale

Enter the Amazon Fire Stick unlocked, Amazon’s $40 stripped-down response to the higher-end streaming box. Like the Roku Stick or Chromecast, it pops to the HDMI port in the rear of your TV and opens your boob tube to a completely different world of streaming content. It is only a little bit clunkier than its Fire predecessor. The remote loses its matte finish and just feels a little more plasticky. The HDMI interface comes with a power cable, and an extender if you require it.

Where specs are concerned, it’s basically half of a Amazon Fire Stick for sale–it has 1GB of memory, a dual-core processor, and a more affordable remote that doesn’t include voice search. But that is not to mention voice hunt does not work together with the Amazon Fire Stick for sale. You can use voice hunt with the rod, you merely need the remote program, which only is based on Android for now, or you will need to purchase the spendier $30 distant which generally comes standard with all the Amazon Fire Stick unlocked. Which, once you’re spending a total of 70, you could as well just bite the bullet and pay $30 more for the entire kit and kaboodle and two more cores worth of oomph.

In any case, if you’re not utilized to Amazon’s excellent voice search, you won’t overlook it. If you’re, you may. I did! Amazon Fire Stick free channels is my default loading box. I love it for what I have mentioned above, and even though in my home, I have a few options from which to stream stuff (Roku Stick, Roku 3, Xbox, and the horror show that is a default Samsung Smart TV interface), I always, constantly default to Amazon Fire Stick for sale. Besides what I’ve already discussed concerning speed and search, Amazon Fire Stick fully loaded simply offers up a really wonderful interface. Nice how? Nice to check at, nice to browse, and easy to comprehend.

On the left-hand side you’ve got your classes (programs, Prime video, audio, photos, etc.), and when you select one, you can look at that segment. You have your selection of apps, which includes almost everything you could desire (Netflix, Spotify, Showtime, YouTube, Vimeo, and so forth), except for HBO Go. And apparently that one’s forthcoming–eventually.