Finishing Sidewalk Repair


You get a few minutes break here. Have your favorite beverage and relax a bit. The DOT sidewalk violation Bronx concrete will take a little while to start to set up but keep your eye on it. Touch it with your finger just like a cake. If it feels somewhat solid, now is the time to place the preliminary advantage on it. Employing the edge with a rolled lip, then run it along the sidewalk repair Bronx NY of your walk way. This will produce a smooth sealed edge. You will need to pickup the edge many times and re-start. Just copy a few inches and then moving ahead to take out the lip left when you picked the edge up. This will take some time so don’t allow the Bronx sidewalk repair “eliminate” (harden) on you.

Sidewalk Repair Contractor Bronx

After you’ve completed an area, a 2nd person can begin placing the v-grooves every 4 or 5 ft (less if you enjoy the look). Using the edge, just push the edge throughout the width of the walkway with enough pressure that either sidewalk repair contractors in Bronx New York of this edger sits firmly on the concrete. This will leave a neat v-groove from the walk. You’ll get the hang of the very quickly. Do not worry for now about the little lip of concrete left on all sidewalk repair contractor Bronx of the new groove and edges you made. Now using your broom, really gently draw it across the width of the walk way being cautious to not draw it across the v-grooves, however, do some rather close to them and the border of the walk. Read that sentence again. You can ruin the whole appearance of the walk if you mess this up. Be gentle but firm enough to leave broom lines in the concrete and wash away the small lips of sidewalk repair contractor Bronx you left behind when trimming. The broom lines can be as heavy or as light as you would like. This will leave a non-slip surface. Always broom throughout the route of the visitors, never with it. The trick here is to not to let the sidewalk repair contractor Bronx harden before you are finished. Begin with a SMALL project and work your way up. Following your initial pour, you may know some of the tricks and much better able to judge just how fast concrete sets up.

Keep some plastic or tarps handy just in case you receive a surprise downpour. You’re able to quickly throw plastic over the pour and then save it. If the rain washes out the upper layer of concrete, the walk will be ruined.

It’s very strongly advised that you don’t leave a smooth or hard trowel finish on any external walk. It will get very slippery when wet. A broom finished sidewalk repair Bronx is exactly what you normally see. There are colored aggregates which can be sprinkled over a walk in order to add color and a non-slip surface in precisely the exact same moment.


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