Tools Required To Repair Sidewalk

Concrete sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York may vary in shapes, colors and be shaped into any shape you can imagine. Before starting with this endeavor, look around at other houses and businesses to find out what can be done but do not be limited by what you find. Use your creativity. Colored concrete is available now from most Redi-mix providers and concrete color stains are also another method to obtain a gorgeous finished product. You will find “cast-on” products out there which can offer a non-slip surface, a super tough surface as well as anti-spalling compounds that help keep the sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan from chipping due to the usage of chilly salt. Much redi-mix concrete dries in some shade of beige color depending on the color of the sand and Portland cement utilized. Consult your supplier where he has poured his merchandise and check out it. This will provide you an idea of exactly what the “aged” merchandise will look like later. Once you have determined what color concrete you are going to use, decide what strength concrete you need. I suggest the use of 3000# advantage concrete for all sidewalk repair Manhattan NY except very heavy usage or vehicle traffic. If vehicles will be crossing the sidewalk repair Manhattan, use 4000# or 5000#. It’ll cost a couple of bucks more a yard but will persist for a great deal longer.

sidewalk repair Manhattan ny


Hammer, sled, rope line, and level using straps. 4′ hand flat, pointed and flat shovels, wood 2×4 to get screeding (leveling) of the concrete, bolt cutters, safety glasses, work gloves, fine broom and 2 edgers termed DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan edgers and v-groove styles. A metal pavement edge finishing instrument, a V-groove tool for center joints along with a steel trowel are a must. Most masons prefer to use a magnesium float to put the initial finish in their walks prior to applying the last broom finish.


Concrete is arranged by the cubic yard. It’s fairly simple to find out how many yards you will need for your job using the following formula: Length x Width x Height (depth) divided by 27 =? Cubic yards. So it’s either 1 or 2 1.5 yards. All Redi-mix companies charge what they call a short load fee for whatever under 6 yards. So there are options here to be made. Is there anything else that requires concrete? Make the walk a bit wider? Add a patio space? Request the Redi-mix company what the fee is for 1.5 or 2 yards. The price could be the exact same anyway. While we here, I wish to spend a moment talking becoming the concrete to your website. Trucks are heavy. Really heavy. If your Manhattan sidewalk repair or patio is in the back yard, either the truck has to have the ability to access it or you will need to wheel it in wheelbarrows. Wheeling 1 yard is not bad, wheeling 5 or 6 yards is a brute. You will need loads of assistance and good wheelbarrows. Redi-mix companies also charge additional for any time spent over 1 hour on site. In case you decide to take the truck to the back yard, be prepared for lawn damage. Concrete companies are not responsible for damage to your property if you lead them to push over the lawn. Worse yet is when they pass over the septic system, buried pipes, etc. and harm them. BE sure that there is nothing under that can p ruined. Do not guess!


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